Home Inspections are Key when buying a House!

I have seen a lot of crazy things in real estate and the biggest one, is buyers waiving their home inspection. Of course there are always exceptions when to waive a home inspection. But to be honest not that often, even in a crazy buyers market. I have recently seen a few homes where the other agents buyers have waived their home inspection, and to be honest they were all costly mistakes. From small issues as electrical and plumbing to major issues as sewer issues and major mold issues.

Now remember even you get a home inspection, sometimes the inspector will not catching everything and hopefully they don’t miss anything major. But that is why as a real estate broker you as the agent should recommend a responsible while qualified inspection company. And like myself that has been at hundreds of home inspections with my buyers. I know which inspection companies to recommend.

There are 3 things you can do instead of waiving home inspection when buying a home.

  1. The most common, although in a sellers market it goes a little by the wayside. But making the home purchase contingent on a home inspection. Remember the short the inspection timeline the better that looks to the seller. (Remember I will know exactly your timeline on home insepction contingent date). If your agent does not get this maybe think of switching to a seasoned real estate broker.
  2. Pre-Home Inspection this is a lot more common during the sellers market, as it allows you to inspect the home before the offer review date. This does to things it allows you to know what you are getting into before you make an offer on the home. And two it allows you to waive the home inspection when and if you do write an offer. (Remember there is more to it than this but it works really well). Again if you real estate agent doesn’t understand this concept, maybe time to call me for real professional real estate help!
  3. The final option is of course to waive the home inspection in a very competitive real estate market. But remember your walk through with your real estate broker should be a through one. Remember your real estate broker should knowledgeable about what to look for when walking through the house. (Such as foundation cracks or issues on the outside of the house, any issues that are viewable – electrical/plumbing, a major one like floor slanting and so on). Remember some real estate agents like myself also build homes, went to college for house and commercial building and design. So this helps my buyers from the very start when viewing the home. Especially knowing tentatively what walls can be removed and how well the house seems constructed.

Home inspection is so important and remember it can save you thousands of dollars down the road. Also if you are looking for the best qualified home real estate broker – Give me a Call Ron Rougeaux– with PNW Homes Group and eXp Realty. Ask about all the homes I have sold to my buyers and investors and commercial buildings. Ask to view my homes I have built and take a look at my social media and google for my reviews and pictures/videos.

Home inspection with Ron Rougeaux real estate agent – best buyers agent in olympia Washington!