Moving Day – PNW Homes Group – Olympia WA Ron Rougeaux

Moving day is always very exciting/fun and then crazy/stressful all at the same time.

My advice is simple and straight forward, always pack and get ready to move way ahead of the actually moving date.

And for goodness sakes we aren’t 20 years old anymore, Hire Movers, your friends don’t want a free slice of pizza or beer. They can buy their own!

If you would like my list of Movers – Please Message or Call 360-338-8355

We Survived Crazy Heat Wave Record! – IN THE PNW-

Survived Crazy heat Wave Record! With no central AC in the house, and tinfoil on the windows, and 2 roll ac units in the kids bedrooms we made it. We started the morning off normally and dropped the kids off to summer camp which they were so excited about (add day camp/yay for us parents). Then I was crazy busy with real estate with morning home showings and getting 1 seller and 1 buyer under contract and 1 new listing. Then I wrapped the morning up with a relaxing Pedi, yes it was amazing lol, they had AC.

When I arrived home about lunch time, @brandy and I were busy tin foiling the windows and I jumped on the roof for the sky light. Of course I didn’t wear shoes, and the roof was scorching. So I quickly taped my feet then back to tin foiling the skylight. After that I keep myself busy with paperwork for the county with building permits for our new build. (Seemed appropriate sweating a filling out multiple forms Thurston county seemed very symbolic).

Then with many jumps in the lake and then laying on the floor in the kids rooms watching a show on the lab top with brandy, eating a lot of watermelon, watering all the plants multiple times a day, hosing down all the animals and fans on them, picking up the mail and getting my adventure magazine that seemed extremely appropriate for the day. We had a busy day, but I was so happy as the PNW is beautiful even in record breaking heat and of course with Brandy by my side it is always an adventure.

I love the heat, Brandy and pets not so much. And the kids chilled in their rooms on Ipad after summer camp. But overall it builds character and reminds me why I work so hard – to pay for all the electric for all the fans/ac units running. I love reminding Brandy we live in the PNW and we don’t need AC, which never goes over well, lol. Although maybe the future will change with hotter weather, central AC may be required.

Hope everyone did well yesterday as well!

Back home from an amazing Adventure!

One thing 2020 has done is force many of us to think outside the box. Perhaps that’s what sparked our idea to turn the disruption of remote learning into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. We’ll be supplementing what the kids are learning online with hands-on experiences and lessons they’ll never forget. What will we see and learn and experience together? We have no idea, but we sure can’t wait to find out!

About Us: We’re the Rougeauxs—Brandy, Ron,  Ariel, and Wyatt. Brandy was an elementary school teacher in Vancouver, Canada before moving to Olympia, WA to join Ron. She’s now a busy stay at home mom.  Ron, who grew up in Olympia, is a real estate broker with EXP Realty. Ariel is starting Grade 3 this year, and Wyatt is starting Kindergarten. We have two lovable and energetic German Shorthaired Pointers who will be joining us on this trip. Maggie is a year and a half, and Remi is just 16 weeks. Should be fun, right?

What we’re up to: When we heard that our school district was going to all remote learning for the early fall we thought, why not? “Let’s take the kids’ remote learning on the road and explore the USA in our RV.” So we planned a 64-day road trip, exploring KOA’s and National Parks all around the country. Then, we started this blog so we could share the journey with you. Thanks for coming along!