Olympia – Washington

Long Lake

Somedays you wake up and realize why you live in a certain area, and that you could not imagine living anywhere else. Please don’t get me wrong there are a millions places I would love to visit, and even some I could also see myself living at. But when it comes to Olympia, I just feel at home and that fresh crisp air that greats you all day long, seals the deal for myself.

You probably have heard the saying”theres something in the water”. Here in Olympia they were so confident in our water,the slogan on Olympia Brewery said”Its the Water”. When you come and visit you will be able to see it is just more then the water, but fresh water is always a plus. The trees, and mountains, the sound, and rivers will also let you see why when you wake up, this is going to be a great day.

Right now my daughter is in pre-school and during here classes twice a week, I try to duck out of meetings or showings to walk around Capital Lake, downtown Olympia for a stroll with my wife and little boy. Then we will walk up the streets through down town and grab a coffee/tea for my wife and look at all the boutique shops.

If you are looking for an Amazing place to live, and want a local who grew up in the area. Please give me a call, Ron Rougeaux (360) 338-8355 – to show you around and the great places to live.

capital lake


A great last 2015 year.

It has been an amazing 2015 year at work. I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has helped me and been a positive influence in my life. Thank you to all my friends and family, my clients and their referrals, and all the agents that have given me advice and knowledge at the office, and of course Jeff and Diane for being the most amazing Bosses I have ever worked for. I look forward to another amazing year at Van Dorm Realty, and look forward to sharing all the fun times ahead.

Van Dorm Realty Award

A great Last Year in Sales

Last year I really worked hard for my clients, my family, and myself. And sure enough if you work hard and you are honest and always straight forward, I believe it will always pay off. My pops used to always say, “Just Work” and “Be Honest”. My pops was the type of guy who stood by his handshake is his word, which I believe very strongly as well, although I believe it is a dying trait. But with him always hammering in me to be honest and work hard, I just don’t know any other way of working. I have seen people really just not get it or understand. Now you do have to be careful as if you work hard, but you are not doing it in the right way, well that kind of defeats the purpose of working hard. So working hard smart style with the knowledge and technology, and technics you have started, you should be amazing. I also learned a key piece of knowledge from my old roommates when I was a tennis pro in southern California. My roommates were from the Philippines, and they were just down to earth, always happy and a laid back style with great work ethic. They would always say, “That’s your style, bro” which when I would think about was, yes that is who I am. And thats very true, if you know who you are, and what you stand for, no one can change or sway you for the worse. I believe it also truly means know your own style including your strengths and weaknesses. This has always played a big part in my life when I interactive and working with clients. I am very happy for my journeys in life and the experiences and people I have met. I am very thankful for the award I received today and being a Real Estate Broker at Van Dorm Realty in Olympia Washington. Van Dorm Realty Award