Spring/Summer is in the Air. Time to get ready to sell/buy a home.

You can always tell when the air changes, the sun is starting to come out more that change is ready to happen. If you are looking to take advantage of the great real estate market at the moment, or coming up this summer. Well you have picked the right year, the market is hot and the homes are flying off the shelf. In fact we have a huge inventory shortage of homes on the market place. So yes, if you are thinking of selling, great you will get a great price for your home. I do get the question a lot of the time. Can I price my home at the price, and it is a lot higher then the market price. Straight forward answer is No. Your home when you list it has to be what the comps/values of your home compared to the homes in your neighborhood and surrounding area. And the homes that are comps need to be comparable to your home. This is now your value, yes Zillow, other sites give you values and sometimes they are right, but really vary to some degrees.

Before you go and list your home, find a agent that you trust and want to work with. Be careful of the agents that have discounted commissions, so companies out there pay their agents salaries and then the commission to you is lower for selling your home. The issue is here the agent is not that motivated to really sell your home. They don’t get any higher amount if your home sells faster, or for more money. They have a salary.

So always be aware the agent you decide to use is full commission. That way if your home doesn’t sell they don’t get paid. And nothing motivates a agent better, then getting your commission. We will work harder, smarter, and have experience living in the market with only making a commission.

Your main question will be, but I save a few thousand dollars. And my response is no you don’t. Because the salary agent, doesn’t care if you get into a bidding war and make another 10-20k on top of your list price. Because remember they are salary, they get paid no matter what happens to your home. Where the agent solely on commission wants the highest price for you, as that adds to their commission in the end. And yes you then are now making more money, then if you go with the discount salary real estate agent. But again you always get what you pay for. So if you are looking for a discount, then fair enough. But if you want the best customer service, agents that will bend over backwards to get your home sold, and for the best price. Think smart and use a full time commission only real estate agent, like myself. Captain Ron. PNW Homes Group Website

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